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The Royal Harbour Suite

Panoramic sea views with balcony

This huge room is located on the first floor. Its double balcony spans the width of the townhouse and offers stunning views over the harbour, perfect for evening drinks or morning coffee. This rooms has an en suite shower room.

The Royal Oak Suite

Panoramic sea views with balcony

Located in the adjacent Wilkie Collins Townhouse, this enormous room is on the first floor and features an oak 4 poster bed, en-suite bathroom and double balcony with panoramic Harbour and sea views.

Rooms 15 and 16

What these tiny rooms lack in size they make up for with stunning Harbour and sea views.

Perfect for singles or the most intimate couples, these rooms boast four poster beds, balconies and compact shower rooms.

Family Room 20

This room is on the 3rd floor . Perfect for families and good friends alike, the room features a double bed, bunk beds, an en suite shower room and views of Ramsgate rooftops.

Town + Garden Doubles

For those not fussed about a sea view, these rooms offer good value accommodation. They all have en suite shower rooms. Some are located on lower floors but those willing to climb higher will be rewarded with sunsets over Georgian rooftops.

Tiny Doubles with Big Views

These rooms are truly minute (some even have the double bed pushed up against the wall!) but they reward their occupants with magnificent views across the channel and are perfect for short stays. They all have equally compact shower rooms.

Rooms 19 and 22

These rooms are perfect for those who want a slightly larger sea view room, without splashing out on a suite. They are located on the third floor and as such command excellent marine views but steep stairs are the price.

Twin Room 31

Located on the third floor with Dickensian views of chimney pots with en suite shower room and matching single beds.

Third Floor Singles
18 + 21

Everything the solo traveller could want, in a delightfully compact cabin room with amazing views.

Single Room 3

This single room is a tucked away on the first floor and boasts a 4 foot bed and compact shower room - ideal for the solo traveller who wants to be out and about!

Luxury Garden View 32

Located in Wilkie Collins Townhouse, this ground floor double room is truly enormous and has a shower room to match. Tucked away at the rear you will be far from road noise and have a view over our quaint kitchen garden. 

Junior Suite 27

With its 2nd Floor location in Wilkie Collins house, this sumptuous room boasts a 4 poster bed, magnificent marine views and an en suite bathroom.

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